There are a great many of various non-classical logics, which are applied in the foundations of mathematics, computer science, linguistics and philosophy. They may be given by means of semantics, and one and the same logic may have different semantics, each of which emphasizes some intuition behind the logic and its applications. Naturally, with every logic we can associate a number of decision problems, such as those of validity, satisfiability, etc. These problems may be algorithmically decidable or undecidable, and one may further examine their degrees of decidability (say, using polynomial-time reducibility) or undecidability (say, in terms of many-one degrees). On the other hand, some logical calculi can be used to characterize certain complexity classes.

The workshop Semantical and Computational Aspects of Non-Classical Logics 2023 (SCAN 2023) is devoted to the semantical and computational aspects of non-classical logics. It aims at providing early career scientists and experienced researchers with an opportunity to present their work and to discuss related open problems. The programme will comprise several keynote talks and around fifteen contributed talks.

SCAN 2023 will be held at Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow. Note that online participation (via Zoom) will also be possible.

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The organization is supported by the grant to the Steklov International Mathematical Center (agreement no. 075-15-2022-265).